Natural remedies for toothache

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The toothache is considered, by those who have suffered, as one of the most intense pain in the world. In most cases, the toothache is caused by a cavity that has come to touch the nerve of the tooth.
Nevertheless, there are many other underlying causes toothache: abscesses, earaches, sinusitis, and lesions in the mouth are just some of them.

Natural remedies for toothache

The salt

Perform rinses with salt and a 250 milliliters of water immediately after meals helps to relieve toothache. It ‘important to them after washing with a brush.

The poppy as a natural remedy

Soak the roots of poppy with a teaspoon of salt and apply the resulting paste on the tooth suffering from pain. Do not use this remedy if you have high blood pressure or water retention.

Remedy with parsley to defeat the toothache

Chop a few sprigs of parsley with a tablespoon of salt. Then create a paste to be applied on the cheek corresponding to the tooth that is causing pain. Let stand for a few minutes. The remedy with parsley relaxes the muscle and thus relieves pain.

Sesame seeds: great remedy for toothache

Boil two teaspoons of sesame seeds in a cup of water, making “restrict” the liquid to half. Dip a cotton ball and apply it on the tooth that hurts (you can also do this with mouthwash preparation). Sesame seeds are a great natural remedy for toothache because it contains compounds that relieve pain.

General recommendations and remedies for toothache

If the toothache caused swelling, put the ice on the outside of the cheek. Do not consume food or drink excessively hot, cold or sweet: the area is very sensitive and these products could intensify the pain.
Keeping your head upward pressure decreases in the area affected by pain, and therefore it is relieves.
too distracted is good: do physical activities such as jogging or cycling, endorphins released during these activities act as natural painkillers after only 25 minutes.

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