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  • age related health changes

    Age-Related Health Changes

    Growing older is a part of life and can be scary at times. Our bodies change as we get older, and absorb the brunt of our experiences. With
  • Sexual Health: Impotence in Youth

    Impotence is a disorder that, contrary to popular belief, not only affects people of 'a certain age', but also young people. This condition, however, is not widely known nor
  • Natural remedies for dark circles

    Circles The circles are the discoloration of the skin that is located under the eyes, which make it look darker and therefore more in evidence. The dark circles are not yet a problem,
  • Natural remedies for amnesia

    Amnesia amnesia is the partial or total loss of memory. It comes in various levels, especially among older people or people with mental disorders. Symptoms of amnesia The most common
  • Treat goiter with iodine

    Goiter The goiter (also known as struma), is the swelling of the thyroid gland in the neck. Women are more prone to this disease than men. Here are some natural remedies to