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  • age related health changes

    Age-Related Health Changes

    Growing older is a part of life and can be scary at times. Our bodies change as we get older, and absorb the brunt of our experiences. With
  • Sexual Health: Impotence in Youth

    Impotence is a disorder that, contrary to popular belief, not only affects people of 'a certain age', but also young people. This condition, however, is not widely known nor
  • remedy for treating otitis

    Otitis The ' otitis , or ear infection, is one of the most common reasons for the visit to a specialist.There are two main types of this infection: otitis media
  • Natural remedy for candida: yogurt

    Candida Of remedies for candida there are many, all more or less effective. But what is candida and how is it? The white attacks both men and women, and can be triggered in
  • Treat cystitis with cucumber juice

    Cystitis With the term cystitis it refers to inflammation of the urinary bladder. In some cases cystitis can be related to kidney problems. Below are some tips on how