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  • age related health changes

    Age-Related Health Changes

    Growing older is a part of life and can be scary at times. Our bodies change as we get older, and absorb the brunt of our experiences. With
  • Sexual Health: Impotence in Youth

    Impotence is a disorder that, contrary to popular belief, not only affects people of 'a certain age', but also young people. This condition, however, is not widely known nor
  • Indigestion

    L ' Indigestion , also known as dyspepsia is a stomach problem. Indigestion can cause burns to the heart due to reflux of stomach acid. It can also irritate the esophagus. This disease leaves a
  • Sore shoulder

    The sore shoulder pain is one of the most common and frequent nowadays. The sedentary habits of life, at work and at home, and psychological conditions were associated with emotional tension,
  • Bedwetting

    Doing bedwetting (also known as enuresis) is an involuntary act that normally occurs during sleep. Also known as urinary incontinence or nocturnal enuresis. Symptoms of enuresis The main symptom is to