What stress does to your body

What stress does to your body?

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Stress and your body

It does not matter what amount of stress you put on your body it affects your body. A good amount of muscle stress can give you efficiency, fit body and great health but if you overload your body with stress it can cause your health issues, like dementia, weight gain, cancer and in extreme cases heart failure. Whether you are stuck in traffic, had an argument with your boss, have some family issues, psychological stress affects your body. It has been researched that 70 to 80% clinical visits are caused of work stress. However, to treat your body you really do not have to do a lot. Doing yoga, meditation, playing games, taking a massage and laughing are the best ways to get rid of stress.

Here are little physical and psychological affect stress has on body:

  • Helps Cancer to grow: Recently researchers from University of wake forest found out that stress eliminates effects of anti-cancer elements in a human body, which helps cancer to grow. Their study was published in Clinical Investigation journal, where they experimented with mice; they gave him an anti-cancer medication and established stress by a fear of a predator and found out that the medication did not have any affect because the stress reduced any possible reaction from the body towards the medication. This has proved that stress helps cancer to grow.
  • Shrink Brain: A lot of stress can shrink the size of the brain, which can lead into clinical depression and dementia. A recent study that was published in biological psychiatry journal that stressful ad intense situations could cause brain to shrink by eliminating the gray matter, which is found in regions related to physiological and emotional functions.
  • Premature Aging: You must have heard this one, it is very common and true too. Kids, teens those who are exposed to extreme violence could easily suffer premature aging. A study has proven this theory. TIME reported that 236 kids, who were born in Wales and England and were victims of violence and those who were bullied, aged faster than other kids.
  • Depression: It has been scientifically proven that too much stress leads to depression and weight gain. Stress causes chronicle body pain if not treated and it hinder a good blood circulation that affects the energy production in the body eventually leading to depression. If you do not have energy in your body then your fat storage start bulking up and body starts to put on weight.
  • Heart Attack: Too much anxiety and stress can cause heart failure. Being stress over things and smoking cigarettes one after the other have the same impact on the body. It has been reported that 42% cases of heart attacks were caused of too much stress.
  • Less effective immune system: Stress impacts body’s immune system making it weaker and pushing body to be more prone to diseases. Not effective blood circulation causes less energy in the body and if the body does not get enough nutrients and minerals it falls down. The immune system breaks completely without necessary vitamins intakes. Body becomes more prone to chronicle pain, infections, nausea and diseases.

These are few affects that stress has on a human body. Too much stress can cause erectile dysfunction. It is very essential to relax, stretch and meditate to keep one’s body active, fresh and healthy. There are many anti-stress medications in the market however home remedies like healthy diets, Yoga and stress busters like watching comedy movies, playing fun games with family, taking less overload from work and having a good times with friends are few things that you do not have to invest a lot in and you can still get same results as expensive treatments, even better with no side effects.

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