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The educational portal home remedies and natural medicine. Information about common diseases and alternative treatments.

With pleasure we see that every day more of scientists, and when we say this we mean not only allopathic physicians, but also to biologists, chemists, etc.. They begin to understand the position that we practitioners of alternative medicine, we look at the way to prevent the defeat of diseases. This statement should guide all our actions when it comes to our health. Many people do not know what to do to maintain good health, When we get sick we go to a doctor to cure us, but we know that true healing comes from within, God has given us a wonderful body of systems operating at the millimeter perfection and between immune system, we must know what we do, indeed, have a duty of care in the best way that inner healing force.

If we now have created within conventional medicine, specialties, separating our bodies in different sections, systems or organs, creating a functional and morphological division forgetting that our body is one, is a wonderful unit and as such, works as a whole, depending on a body of the other, with a very close impossible to act independently.But I also want to say that we all create awareness and when I say all I mean governments, communities, families and us as living beings, we must contribute to the conservation of our planet.

Governments trying to invent alternative fuels to prevent air pollution and more strongly regulate the chemical to keep our seas and rivers contaminated with chemical waste.

Communities or cities must have an efficient program of education to prevent people littering or toxic elements outside and creating an efficient collection of non-degradable products for reuse.

Us in our families, we must teach our children those who are parents, and those who are not the people around us in form, more correct to feed, try to avoid toxic things like alcohol, snuff, etc.. and being in an environment as healthy as possible and I say this because we live in cities, by the negligence of our authorities is very difficult to carry out.

And finally, most important of all, we have a commitment to ourselves to be able to feed ourselves as healthy as possible with an adequate amount of nutrients, which are foods educate and minerals we need for good health, let us remember as we read in Bible that our body is the temple of God. Learn to know our body no two equal bodies, keep in mind that we all need supplements, our diet with essential nutrients to stay healthy and prevent disease.There is no disease that can not be prevented or reversed with proper nutrition and proper use of herbology, nutrition and supplements, we are called to have optimal health, I am aware, there is much less incurable disease.

The information we have gotten the best books of natural medicine and personal information of experienced colleagues and teachers in this field, and is aimed at students of naturopathy to have accurate and updated information, or those who want to prevent illness trying using the best nutrients, herbs and what is best for your health, or those with an illness and want to reverse the footsteps always natural, organic and considering that our body is a unit that is composed of body , mind and spirit and that to have a full health must be properly balanced, and I end up telling you that there are good doctors and good doctors, there are doctors who cure diseases and there are doctors who cure sick this second concept is what we try to be , hoping that this information will help you in the best way possible.