Ayurveda: Ultimate Solution for Diabetes

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Diabetes is always assumed as a major illness, not because it is difficult to control but because it causes several other complications to the body. It is often seen that people who suffer from diabetes often face many other health problems of heart, kidney, and nerve. The problem doesn’t finishes here, in few cases it is seen that people suffering from diabetes also face complications of eyes, teeth, skin, feet, etc.

The increasing level of blood sugar continuously puts pressure on heart, kidney, nerves system and other parts of body. Unfortunately, patient doesn’t recognize that he/she has diabetes until he suffers from one of the above diseases. Often it is seen that patient remain ignorant about disease and does not know that he/she visits doctor for other health problems.

To cure diabetes it is really necessary to understand what diabetes is? Diabetes is nothing but metabolic disorder during which body fails to make proper use of glucose, which causes high blood sugar and known as hyperglycemia in medical terms. The hyperglycemia increases level of glucose in urine which’s ultimate effect is passing more urine and feeling thirsty. That is not all, this increased glucose also causes other problems like itchy skin, blurry eyes, weight loss, tiredness etc. over all it imbalances the entire body system.

There are several causes of diabetes, some are construable and few are not like hereditary or stress. However, controllable reasons of diabetes are excessive food, excessive sleep, unhealthy lifestyle, consequent obesity, overloading proteins, etc. These reasons can be controlled only by maintaining healthy lifestyle.

Fighting with diabetes is not easy as modern medical treatment tries to solve problem of diabetes through three ways. One by following very strict diet plan, second by lifestyle regimen and last by using doses of insulin. However, using former two methods is extremely difficult for many patients. And they often lack, which often leads to high diabetes.

ayurvedic herbsHowever, ayurvedic treatment for diabetic patients is an ultimate solution. It is an ancient Indian science based on herbs. It has a solution for every minor and major illness. Therefore many people have turned their heads toward ayurvedic medicine for fighting with diabetes. Ayurveda considers all the factors like genetic, environmental or body constituency while treating diabetes.

Ayurveda focuses on holistic health improvement along with solving problem of diabetes. It ensures to control your diabetes as well as rejuvenate entire body of the patient. Rejuvenation comes through healthy lifestyle, proper diet and of course, the herbal medicines. Diabetes ayurvedic cure asks patient to lead healthy lifestyle, which rejuvenate cells and tissue of body, increases immune power and ultimately produces proper quantity of insulin. Ayurveda always connects with yoga hence procedure like Panchchakra and Paschimottanasana proved very helpful for rejuvenation of body. Ayurveda does not focus on controlling sugar level but it starts working on a root cause of diabetes. In short it tries to get permanent solution by removing problem from root and not temporary by controlling sugar level.

It is advisable to seek ayurveda solution at the initial level of diabetes.

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