Can certain foods prevent or cure cancer?

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Alternative Medicine | March 24, 2013 | Comments 0

Can certain foods prevent or cure cancer?

There is no food that can prevent or cure cancer, your diet as a whole, however, can affect your risk of cancer. Physical activity, healthy eating and a healthy weight can prevent about a third of cancer cases.

Eating well is first and foremost a question of balance. Specific types of foods, not foods in particular can reduce or increase the risk of cancer. For example, the consumption of a large amount of fiber can help to maintain a healthy weight, which reduces the risk of cancer. For cons, the fact consume a lot of processed meats increases the risk. Our food choices help us achieve and maintain our healthy weight, and at the same time to prevent our cancer risk.

At one time, researchers have used to study specific nutritional components they believed to have a protective effect against cancer. However, their approach is extended over time, so they now look on combinations of dietary components to prevent cancer, not the individual components. Understanding of the links between diet and cancer is far from simple because each person consumes thousands of daily nutrients.


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