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Alternative Medicine | November 24, 2012 | Comments 0

British newspapers yesterday reported the story of a grandfather who is cured of cancer of the rectum following a diet of herbs, spices and seeds. It is not uncommon to hear stories of healing incurable diseases, but this time the old man has documented everything with great care, for describing word for word what he took after the announcement of the doctors.

Back to the top after a few days of the history of ‘care open source’ in the news. This time the protagonist is Allan Taylor, who at the age of 78 years received a diagnosis of cancer of the rectum. Since then, thanks to his combative nature, began to search the internet for the care that conventional medicine could not give.
And when he found what he sought, he began an intensive diet herbal powder, curry, apricot seeds and selenium tablets. Now, four months later Allan, a mining engineer, he received the good news from the doctors.

“I received a letter dated April 30 that I received that it did not make sense to chemotherapy, and that was not even recommended the surgical removal, since the cancer would reappear somewhere else,” he told reporters.But Allan was determined to keep a positive attitude and decided to find his own cure.

“On August 6, I received a letter from the hospital North Tees, that the tumor was gone and there was no anomaly,” he continued.

It all started with a tumor in the abdomen in February 2011, the diagnosis was colon cancer.Removed the tumor surgically, has begun several rounds of chemotherapy. In April of 2012 the doctors informed him that the cancer had spread to the small intestine. “I went on the internet and I used the ‘cure for colon cancer,” he said.

“I have examined all the ingredients and I asked for help from a health food store in the area.”

Allan, who lives in Middlesbrough, decided to radically change her diet, replacing red meat and dairy products with 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

But according to Allan one of the key ingredients to treat her cancer was a teaspoon of barley grass powder in hot water every morning and evening.

“I have no doubt that my diet I have saved my life,” he says. “And all at a cost of about £ 30 per week.”

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