Leaf Nutrition Kelor

Leaf Nutrition Kelor

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Most of our education is not education bickering  what is needed to achieve optimal nutrition. And never are also taught about the negative consequences if we are poor in nutrients. Only when our health began to fail eventually we seek answers and often takes time to study and analyze further.

Unfortunately, most doctors are also entered into the above categories as well.Doctors are taught how to recognize and fight disease, but often do not know how to prevent it. As a result there is always a serious problem in our nutrient intake before and really attack the disease.

Moringa leaf nutrient

Nutrients that must be obtained through diet or supplements, containing dozens of necessary nutrients, but they can be divided into so-called “5 Components of Nutrition”, because no matter how much we eat, the modern food often do not provide the nutrients in the amounts what we really need. Here’s the summary:

1. Vitamins and Minerals needed to build everything from our bodies to blood clots and energy production. Most vitamins and minerals are all important.

2. Our physical body is built from protein. Protein was built with nine basic building blocks known as amino acids.

3. Antioxidants. Pollution, pesticides and various other particles bombard us every day. These are just some of the free radicals which we now know is very destructive.The only protection against free radical damage in the form of antioxidants.

4. Anti-inflammatory compound is only protection against chronic inflammation.Unfortunately, anti-inflammatory medications have some of the worst side effects of the pharmaceutical world.

5. Other nutrients needed for optimal health is Fatty Acids. It may sound strange, but needed good fats actively help create health. Currently known as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Nutrition Moringa leaves

There is no magic in the leaves of Moringa , but research now suggests Moringa as “Miracle Tree.” A supplement Moringa leaves  comprehensively provide:

1. Ten of eleven essential vitamins and essential minerals.
2. Complete nine essential amino acids.
3. More than 24 kinds of anti-oxidants.
4. More than 24 anti-inflammatory nutrients.
5. Fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6.

Some doctors are very pleased with the new shift from disease treatment to health.The best treatment is to prevent it. With the plant Moringa leaves are outstanding, we have a powerful tool to optimize the nutritional well-being will improve.

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