Alcohol enemy weight reduction

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There is a myth that fattening food and non-alcoholic beverages. So many people are on a diet but still consume alcohol.

The alcoholic beverages contain empty calories but because they lack nutrients, vitamins or minerals.


Number of calories in various alcoholic beverages per 100 ml:

-Red wine: 65 calories

-Beer: between 90 and 160 calories

-Whiskey, rum: 80-122 calories

-Tequila: 34 calories

-Champagne: 65 calories

-Vodka: 121 calories


Calories are approximate and may vary by type of beverage and the size of the cup or glass.

Keep in mind that when mixed various alcoholic drinks increase the total calorie drink.

Alcohol enemy weight reduction

Reasons why you should not drink alcohol if you want to lose weight:

-Alcoholic drinks contain many calories, but also assimilate faster than food.

-Alcohol stimulates the appetite for the amount of sugar that has in its composition.

-When this diet there is less food in the stomach so the alcohol passes into the blood faster generating intoxicated quickly.

-When alcohol is mixed with soda or energy drinks is increasing even more calories because they contain so much sugar you eat lots of calories in just one night.

-The alcohol component causes the metabolism to run slower and more difficult to burn calories as much of the food that was ingested alcohol so it complicates the process of losing weight.


If you want to lose weight should avoid alcohol because it interferes negatively in the weight reduction process. 

Regular consumption of too much alcohol is bad for health but also making us fat should be moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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