Remedies for folliculitis

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For many women, ingrown hairs (or folliculitis ) are a problem of hair removal. The hair can not get out to the outside during their growth and, failing to break the skin, inflammation of the follicle creating outbursts similar to pimples. Although in most cases the ingrown hairs are associated with processes of waxing or shaving, there is also a type of natural folliculitis.

Remedies for folliculitis

The first thing to do is to constatarne symptoms to be seen by a dermatologist, in order to assess the gravity of the case and shall prescribe the appropriate treatment. However, most of the times it is very mild cases, which can be treated with natural remedies.

The folliculitis is very common among women, especially on the legs, or a genetic tendency for hair removal methods were wrong. To avoid this, one can resort to hair removal creams or for those who can afford it, laser hair removal.

We should not try to completely remove the hair with a pair of pliers, even if they are visible, as this could create wounds from healing long. Much better rub a pumice stone to the affected area during the shower.

Use the ‘ therapeutic clay (available in health food stores) once or twice a week. Just place the dough on the legs, let it dry and pick it up with an infusion of horsetail.

To remove scars and marks that remain after folliculitis, apply morning and evening a moisturizer with aloe vera .

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