Expiry date and preferred consumption: differences

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What are the differences between the expiration date and the best before date? What does each one really? I’ll unveil in this post.

When you go to the supermarket or your local store where you buy food and everyday products we consume, they often get fixated on labeling them to know its expiration date, and if especially for some oversight of the establishment, this date already happened (is a rare error, but it happens).

Also, when we bought it and store it in the fridge or pantry, if desired for a long period of time is also customary to review the labeling to avoid the risk of eating a product already out of date .

But the fact is that, in most cases, many people confuse the term expiration dateand the date of minimum durability , and few who really know what they indicate.

Differences between the expiration date and the date of minimum durability

Both dates are indicative, by law, the right time and for the right to be eating a specific food product or without a risk to health (in the case of the expiration date), and without any lost property nutritional and organoleptic properties (in the case of the best-before date).

That said, it is very simple to discover the differences between the two dates:

  • Expiry date : is that which by law must set the manufacturer on the product packaging, still common in highly perishable or perishable foods. It is as the limit at which a particular product or food can be consumed without risk to health.
  • Best before date is the date that indicates the recommended time for consumption, which is maintained nutritional or organoleptic properties (ie, flavor, texture or aroma).

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