Different types of bursitis that affect our health

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We have already mentioned how widespread this bursitis occur in different parts of our body and organism, once we have located the area or region affected by this disease, it is best to try to find the possible causes why it has come to appear and thus the respective diagnosis and treatment to follow.

Generally, a person can sense that is suffering from bursitis if at a given time, to move some of their joints will cause pain , something that had not happened before. The disease can come on suddenly and can be noticed by making simple movements or using touch, the latter because the skin in the affected area is usually more sensitive than normal. Also some fever usually appears who has this bursitis.

What bursitis exist across the board?

Generally they have come to define two main types of bursitis, which are:

  • Acute bursitis . Here its symptoms can be seen by a reddish color in the affected joint, it usually have a temperature higher than the rest of the body. Is manifested by pain and could appear due to a previous infection or drop suffered by the patient.
  • Chronic bursitis . If the previous bursitis has not been healed, it can lead to the present. It could also occur if a person has suffered from repeated injuries in the same body region. If so, the presence of swelling and reduce pain normal movement of the joint.

In the latter case we have mentioned, the bursitis may actually cause muscle atrophy and motor weakness, someone who has suffered from this chronic bursitis, may be improved in a few days, although there are cases that it could reach last a few weeks. If you come to have this type of bursitis, it could come back, because it has characteristics of a repeat offender.

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