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Osteoporosis is one of the most troubling diseases can have people in adulthood, it is presented with more relevant in women due to various special factors often suffer.

Many people tend to start worrying when osteopenia appears at first, preliminary step that usually comes before a chronic osteoporosis. It is at that moment when you start to try to feed the body with certain amounts of calcium , which is responsible for strengthening our bone again. But there is an interesting alternative that is currently proposed to prevent osteoporosis in a large percentage when it has reached adulthood.

Strengthen bone mass from childhood to prevent osteoporosis

That’s one of the alternatives has been analyzed recently, it mentions the possibility of increasing bone mass at an early age by up to 10%, which suggests avoiding losing 50% of the bone mass in adulthood; Thus, girls who are at an age between 11 to 13 years can be cumulative bone mass equivalent to that lost to osteoporosis after 30 years when the symptoms appear menopause .

To edit this, physicians have recommended that in an age of 10 to 18 years:

  • Have a better diet nutritional level.
  • Interactivity there lived outdoors (walking, hiking and many other activities).
  • That there is a sport regularly.

This osteoporosis can go away in about a four-menopausal women, mentioning their predominant factors in addition to their appearance:

  • Excessive alcohol consumption.
  • And excessive intake of protein fibers.
  • Habit exaggeration to snuff and caffeine.
  • Too much salt in foods.
  • A habitual physical inactivity in daily life.

These are a few factors to consider in trying to prevent osteoporosis reaches occur in our body, which you can get to avoid if adopted standards and measures from an early age.


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