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We have often heard about arthritis, but perhaps rarely explained to us about the meaning and impact of the same on our body and health. Osteoarthritis is considered one of the largest degenerative diseases exist today.

Because of this arthritis, the various joints come to suffer from excessive wear on the cartilage, thereby producing a functional and general pathology, causing a degree of disability that may affect the daily activities of the person with the disease. It is important to know the effects that this gets to have osteoarthritis, as this could try to follow a preventive treatment to prevent their progress and involvement.

Apparent causes that influence the onset of osteoarthritis

When osteoarthritis affect reaches articular cartilage, almost immediately begins articular cartilage alteration thereof opposite the bone joint, due to this wear, there is a particular time in which the effect of osteoarthritis cartilage arrive to disappear, producing a pain the patient highly accentuated in those regions affected. The problem does not stop there as being non-existent despite these cartilage, bone growth follows a process sideways to try to replace missing cartilage, which is called osteophytes, and terminating at the joint deformation .

Different doctors and effective treatment of osteoarthritis, mentioned a few possible causes that might be causing this disease, which are:

  • Malfunction by the cells that synthesize the cartilage components.
  • For genetic influence.
  • As a matter of overweight.

In the first case, the collagen is a tough, fibrous protein whose production may not be adequate, being perhaps be responsible for causing such wear of the cartilage. In the same case, also often referred to the absence of substances (such as proteoglycans) providing elasticity to cartilage.

For the last case referred instead to a physiological overweight type (also known as obesity), but may also occur in people whose business and profession deserves too intense physical exertion.

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