How to remove the intestinal gases?

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Thinking what exactly intestinal gas is? It is merely a resultant effect of digestion that gets purged by passing via the rectum or by belching. Mostly people pass 3-4 pint of intestinal gas in a single day. The intestinal gas may very well be comprised of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen and in some cases methane. Intestinal gas sometimes produce unpleasant odor simply because of the presence of sulfur in it which happens to be caused by the activity of bacteria in large intestine. Passing intestinal gas about 15 times in one day can be understood as a problem which is known as flatulence.stomach

Causes of intestinal gases

Over swallowing of air:

We tend to swallow some amount of air on regular basis which goes through the rectum repeatedly in a single day. but certain factors adds to the magnitude of swallowed air such as drinking very hot or cold beverages, chewing gums, smoking cigarettes, drinking too quickly and long term use of medications which causes the problem of intestinal gases in body.

Bacterial activity:

When incompletely digested food like sugars and dissolving fibers reach intestine, they’re acted upon by intestinal bacteria. They further break these substances and create excessive gas which increases the problem of unwanted gas.

Looking for different ways that can help to remove intestinal gases? Well if yes, explore below that guides you over various ways to remove intestinal gases in an effective way!

  • To remove intestinal gases to affect your body, do not over consume foods with artificial sweeteners such as soft drinks, creams, pastries and ice creams.
  • You would be glad to know that taking hot water bath helps in getting great relief from gas pain caused due to flatulence ailment.
  • Keeping a check on the intake amounts of foods that are rich in soluble fibers and sugar. This is one of the simplest and effectual ways to remove the problem of intestinal gases.
  • Try to swallow air as less as possible. Also avoid those things that make you swallow air.
  • Drink beverages at room temperature and don’t forget to take a small walk after eating your meals. Trust me, including these small tips in your everyday life help a lot in prevention and cure of intestinal gas in the long run.
  • Chewing food properly is one of the best things to avoid intestinal gasses to affect your body systems. This eases their digestion and reduces intestinal gas production.
  • Chewing some aniseeds and fennel seeds after every meal helps in providing instant relief from intestinal gas problem.
  • Chewing 5-7 fresh leaves of holy basil every morning before eating or drinking anything is the best home remedy for intestinal gas.
  • Taking over-the-counter anti-flatulence containing simethicone and polyethylene glycol. This will provide instant intestinal gas relief. Activated charcoal, lactase enzyme and Pepto-Bismol are some effective examples of this.
  • Keep in mind that one should not eat or drink anything while you are lying down. This posture increases the tendency to swallow more gas which causes intestinal gas problem in body.
  • You would be glad to read that drinking peppermint tea, caraway, coriander and chamomile tea acts as natural remedy for treating the problem of intestinal gases.
  • Avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle. Make sure you are physically active and walk for at least 30 minutes on everyday basis. Trust me, this helps a lot in getting relief from intestinal gases.
  • To get rid of intestinal gas pain, drink a glass of lukewarm water mixed with 2-3 drops of lime juice and 1 tsp. of honey every morning on an empty stomach.
  • Some exercise postures do helps in expelling out intestinal gases. For this, lie straight on your left side on the floor. Bring your knees up to your chest. Hold the position for 5-10 minutes. This will help in the removal of the gas.

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