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Benefits to human health tamarind

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The tamarind is a plant native to the African regions. Its name derives from the Arabic ‘tamar’ meaning ‘dry date’. Its fruit is a long pod containing a brown pulp bittersweet. It has been used in many towns for sauces, desserts and even drinks.

Apart from their culinary uses, it is used to treat various diseases. Here are the benefits of tamarind to health .

Tamarind Properties

Vitamins and minerals


The tamarind pulp is rich in thiamine, vitamin crucial for the proper functioning of nerves, muscles and digestive system. It also contains vitamin C, so it is very effective to prevent and treat scurvy.

Moreover, a source of potassium, a mineral necessary for health and cardiac muscle tissue, as well as iron, which facilitates the transport of oxygen in the blood throughout the body.


The tamarind pulp is a natural laxative, although the mechanisms of operation have not been explained yet. People with constipation should consume from 5 to 10 g daily. Do not mix with other laxatives or heat, it loses its properties.



Some studies suggest that diets rich in tamarind favor regulating blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure.


Aryuvédicas practices recommend the tamarind to relieve stomach ailments, increase appetite and reduce flatulence.


The pulp, tamarind leaves and flowers have proven very effective in fighting inflammation and pain in the joints. The relief in these cases is instantaneous.


The tamarind juice is a good remedy to cure conjunctivitis . addition, the seeds of this fruit are prepared drops that relieve dry eyes.


Its leaves are used to treat burns. The most widely used remedy is to put these sheets in a covered container and then on the stove. When burned enough, are reduced to a powder that hangs. Mixed with vegetable oil, is applied to the damaged areas. Also useful for wound healing and to improve skin health.


It is said that the tamarind pulp is excellent remedy to lower fever . It should consume 15 g to body temperature. Another remedy is to boil the pulp in ½ liter of milk with sugar, some dates, cardamom, cloves and camphor. The resulting infusion is effective against febrile states and the causative virus.

These are some of the benefits of health tamarind . In future, in addition to using it as a fruit to prepare various dishes, you’ll have another natural way to treat various ailments and discomforts.

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