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Noni, is the name given to the tree in Hawaii but the world goes by many names as ninth, Nonu, Indian mulberry tree cheese, etc …
Noni is native to India and is now cultivated in many parts of the world as pantropical distribution. Thus we find from Puerto Rico to India, through Hawaii, Polynesia, for the rest of the Pacific Islands and South America. The basic requirements to grow noni are an annual average temperature of 20-35 ° C, high humidity and lots of sunshine.
cultivation of noni, has led to the inhabitants of the places where it grows a new way of living, as they are areas developing and whose main source of income is tourism. These locations include Fiji, Hawaii, Tahiti, the main producers of noni. The organic Noni juice stands out for its high quality and environmental friendliness over others.
gives Noni fruit all year in a phased manner, ie in the same branch we are finding that green nonis nonis very mature. Not all juice of noni are equal. This plays an important role both the origin of the fruit as the process of noni juice. The experience of consumers and a number of scientific studies have shown that noni has nutritional properties that go beyond the simple provision of nutrients.
noni Some scientists consider a functional food or nutraceutical (food with therapeutic properties). The truth is that the therapeutic properties of nutrients of noni if well studied but not enough studies have been done to get to understand their benefits as occurs in our body.

The incredible thing is not the amount of long-term scientific studies done on the fruit and its effects, as yet there are no extensive studies, but rather the experiences of people who consume Noni, either in the form of juice or other forms A large number of people report some benefit from consuming noni, even a slight increase of energy in the morning, and at least zero profit reports. By totaling tens of thousands of testimonials and esperiencias, the balance tips toward the positive.
Many people have reported various benefits that Noni has had on their health. Different studies have shown that Noni has a more significant impact on growth arrest of cells implanted RAS cancer in laboratory animals than other 500 compounds of medicinal plants. It has also been noticed that has a significant analgesic effect, is effective against seven different kinds of harmful bacteria and is effective against fungi and parasites. The list below is a summary of benefits based on the testimonies of people who consume Noni and feel benefits claim.
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