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The noni is a fruit native to Polynesia, and almost 2,000 indigenous people who consider it a sacred fruit due to its excellent energy and medicinal properties. Today after many scientific studies it is known that the effects of noni on the human body are so beneficial because it facilitates the regeneration and increased cellular defenses.

The noni cures diseases are many, including most notably urinary problems, diabetes and influenza. It is also widely used as a pain reliever for sprains, fractures, bruises and headaches as well as problems of throat, mouth and gums as intestinal cleansing.

Noni increases the body’s defenses. A body with good defenses can combat different types of diseases.Contains components that can help the human body to regenerate and increase the defense cellularly thereof, naturally.

Most of us live sedentary lives and stress. The effects of aging start to take effect early. From simple aches, lack of energy and inability to sleep, even the most serious challenges such as diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis. Noni can help prevent disease and improve health.

The incredible thing is not the amount of long-term scientific studies done on the fruit and its effects, as yet there are no extensive studies, but rather the experiences of people who consume Noni, either in the form of juice or other forms A large number of people report some benefit from consuming noni, even a slight increase of energy in the morning, and at least zero profit reports. By totaling tens of thousands of testimonials and esperiencias, the balance tips toward the positive.


Many people have reported various benefits that Noni has had on their health. Different studies have shown that Noni  has a more significant impact on growth arrest of cells implanted RAS cancer in laboratory animals than other 500 compounds of medicinal plants. It has also been noticed that has a significant analgesic effect, is effective against seven different kinds of harmful bacteria and is effective against fungi and parasites. The list below is a summary of benefits based on the testimonies of people who consume Noni and allege feel

Noni components operate at the cellular level to produce the regeneration of cells and to improve its performance.

Under the broad and general term “arthritis” is hosting many different kinds of diseases that result in pain associated with body movement.

In fact, there are over 100 different types of rheumatic diseases often misdiagnosed as arthritis. A short list of such diseases including bursitis, tendinitis, and lupus disease and connective soft tissue.

Common arthritis, osteoarthritis or call either degenerative joint disease, is found in the joints of the body, being the most common areas knees and fingers. These joints are swollen and hurt by the continuing deterioration caused by use. The cartilage that normally serves as a buffer for the joints degenerates, leaving them naked rubbing against each other. Often a person’s illness worsens with age due to natural deterioration.

There are several ways by which undesirable NONI can relieve symptoms of arthritis. First of all, the number one complaint of arthritis is pain. It has been shown that the Morinda citrifolia also contains scopoletin, which has anti-inflammatory and histamine inhibitors, which are excellent for promoting uniform and smooth movement of the joints. Finally qualities NONI cell growth can also minimize damage to the joints and other tissues involved.

The average amount consumed by 80% who reported positive results was 3 ounces per day.

Anti-inflammatory and anti histamine
Noni is also effective as an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine. The medical literature contains numerous reports of success in the treatment of arthritis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and allergies with scopoletin. Dr. Bloss indiana orthopedic surgeon describes his personal experience with NONI:

“Before using NONI in my office, I tried it myself and it was a success for me. I could not sleep upside down because he suffered from back pain. The NONI not remedied only that, but also relieved me of pain in the left shoulder. With NONI has increased my energy level. I used NONI with 70 of my patients. Fifteen of them suffered from chronic back pain and found that with NONI were significantly alleviated pain, eight patients suffered from knee pain from osteoarthritis until virtually disappeared with noni. ”

Three of asthmatic patients experienced a significant improvement after taking asthmatic coughing NONI.

Especially noticed how improved the lives of arthritic patients, many of whom have experienced significant results. Two people, including a patient who was a doctor called to say that noni was away much of the stiffness of his hands in 24 hours.

Other doctors report having successfully treated patients with inflammatory problems such as arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis and carpal tunnel. A patient suffering from degenerative arthritis that had suffered from pain for about 20 years reported positive results after taking  Noni . She had undergone knee replacements in 1990, which did not solve the problem. I had to walk with a cane and had difficulty rising from a sitting, especially if you sit on a soft couch. After using Noni for only 72 hours could get off the couch and go through almost the entire room without his cane and without pain. 

Energy Body and moods

Besides the connection noni-scopoletin-serotonin positive results  NONI  derive that enhances the activity of pineal gland located deep in the brain. This is one important gland where serotonin is produced, which is then used to produce another hormone, melatonin. Serotonin and melatonin helps regulate sleep, temperature, moods, puberty, and ovarian cycles. Stabilizes blood sugar, reduces menstrual pain and decreases in man urination at night caused by an enlarged prostate.

The  Noni  and Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a very common chronic disease worldwide that prevents proper utilization of food due to a problem with the hormone insulin. This condition is a condition whereby the Noni is most commonly used.
Numerous classifications, but the simplest is:
· Type 1 or insulin-dependent diabetes.
· Diabetes type 2 or non-insulin dependent.

Diabetes type 1  is required for control of daily administration of insulin. Usually occurs abruptly, and most often in children and young adults. It occurs because the cells in the pancreas that make insulin, called B cells (beta cells), stop work or produce enough of this hormone.
This leads to blood glucose or blood sugar, increases to abnormal values, reaching hyperglycemia.

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