Leaves Kelor, Queen Vitamin A

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Artilek After reading this, you should think again taking vitamin A supplements to maintain eye health. Leaves of Moringa (Moringa oleifera) was very rich in vitamin A carrots dibandingka


Moringa leaves

Overview of Moringa leaves are similar to leaf katuk, round shape and green.Moringa leaf plants are woody trees that can reach 6 feet in height. Moringa seeds for the elderly can be used as a murky well water purifier. While moringa leaves good to eat a variety of cuisines.


Moringa leaves excellence lies in nutrient content were exceptional, especially group minerals and vitamins. Each 100 g moringa leaves contain a 3390 SI vitamin A. Two times higher than spinach and thirty times higher than beans. Moringa leaves are also high in calcium, about 440 mg/100 g and 70 mg/100 g of phosphorus.Moringa leaves somewhat unpleasant scent, but the scent was reduced when the young ones processed into vegetable or vegetable bobor nodes.

Efficacy of Moringa leaf Experience

The experience of friends from Papua who have been taking Moringa leaf extract capsules are packaged in stating that the capsule kasiat incredible. A friend named Hans who experience tingling in the right hand and had undergone medivac at the international hospital in Jakarta and has not recovered then try these capsules kesemutannya gradually lost and now recovered and returned to work.

Some friends who have high blood pressure and cholesterol at the time of annual check ups also stated that blood pressure and cholesterol levels returned to normal after taking the capsule. And there are many other experiences of friends who have been taking these capsules moringa leaves.

source: Budi Sutomo and others

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  1. Padhu, thank you and thanks for drnpipog by. Ambika, thanks for your compliments and kind words. 🙂 Aysha, I know what you mean. I wish I had taken some pictures of these indigenous trees and learned some traditional recipes when I got the opportunity a couple of years back. Arghh. Mahi, LOL. Not at all.. you are full of wisdom. 🙂 Easyfoodsmith, thank you and you are right. It’s a very versatile and cooperative vegetable that can be cooked with other vegetables, seafood etc.

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