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8 Healthy Benefits of Power Walking

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Diet and Weight Loss | February 20, 2024 | Comments 0

Power waking is a highly beneficial exercise in order to lose weight and stay fit and healthy. Some of the benefits are mentioned below of power walking.

1. Normally you include various cardiovascular exercises in your fitness program to enable your body to fight against a number of diseases. Similarly, you can also include power walking with your regular workout to maintain cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. You can also reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke and various types of cancers.

2. Once you begin with power walking, you will realize that it works with both upper and lower body areas to tone and strengthen the muscles and make bones stronger in both of these areas. If you have a better body condition and good fitness level, you can find it easier to perform during your daily activities in your office, college or at your home. Regular workouts will enable you to feel more energetic, active and confident to accept all the challenges of your day-to-day life.

3. Healthy body and sound mind help you eliminate stress, fatigue, sadness and many other psychological and physical problems which you might get because of your tough life schedule or problems in your family. You might be surprised to learn that this exercise can actually divert your attention towards positivism. As a result, your brain releases endorphin which gives you peace of mind.

4. Another great benefit is weight loss which can be achieved by burning calories. Since it works with all muscle groups with exaggerated and intense arms and feet movement, it becomes more effective way to burn calories in larger amount. If you walk by using a brisk pace of at 4 mph, you can burn more or less 350 calories per hour, so you don’t have to climb a mountain or run for long miles. A person with a body weight of 150 pounds can power walk for 180 minutes per week and burn about 1800 calories. However, if you have just started, you should begin with ten-minute walk which you can gradually improve each week.


5. Power walking technique is simple, easy and quite affordable as you don’t have to pay fees of gym to get the membership or buy expensive equipment.

6. If you are someone who loves to discover new places, you would also love to go for a power walk as it lets you take the opportunities to discover new spots.

7. Most of the people like to eat processed foods or going out at restaurants, which in the results increases weight as well as create many other health problems. If you are using power walking technique to lose weight or stay fit, you will be more diet conscious and you will choose the best foods that fulfill your nutritional requirements.

8. Most of the weight lifting and weight loss techniques might cause Injuries and this is the major reason which stops many people continuing workouts; if you have been through the same situation in past and now afraid of doing anymore exercises, this is the time for you to enjoy the benefits of power walking since there are almost zero chances of getting injured. Power walking is an aerobic exercise with low impact and the use of shoes can further minimize the risk of injuries.

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