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How to silence the jokers

When you have enough to hear the outrageous comments of others on the big belly or questions on the next delivery and does not expect anything for a baby, do not get discouraged. Here are 5 tips to silence the jokes.

Do not consume too many calories at one time especially at night

The overeating puts pressure on the muscles of the stomach and pushes him forward. If

 you eat a lot before going to sleep, the abdominal muscles are relaxed and it is then easier for the food exerts a 

pressure on the muscles of the stomach. After a few meals, so you are likely to end up with the belly “prominent”.

Pull in your stomach

This advice is especially important for those who practice regularly footing because it is rare that pull in your stomach, especially when they are tired. When you run, all the bumps made by the stomach weakens the abdominal muscles. If you try to hold in your stomach for the duration of the jogging path, help your abs to keep still. Some people believe that it is easier to pull in your stomach when you ride if you maintain an upright posture instead of being slightly curved.


After the course do not forget to stretch the muscles behind your thighs

If these muscles stiffen may form a slight curvature of the spine and make them even more visible a prominent belly. Try this easy exercise stretch: Sit on the floor, stretch the left leg forward, put your right foot against the inside of the left knee, place hands on the left calf. Lean forward until you feel a stretch in the left thigh, remaining in this position for 30 seconds, switch legs and repeat the exercise.

Train the muscles of the abdomen

Allow better positioning of the stomach and prevent that goes forward. Abdominal and pelvic exercises are great for toning the stomach: the first for strengthening the upper abs strengthen, while the latter than the lower.

  •  abdominal exercise: lie down on the ground with his hands crossed on his chest, bend your legs keeping your feet on the ground and back. Off the ground only the head and shoulders. Be careful not to get completely right because in this way you strengthen your abs, you risk getting hurt instead of the back, repeat this exercise 10 times.
  • Pelvic exercise : lie on your back and lift your legs, your feet remain on the ground and your hands beside your body. put a folded towel under your head and another wound in the neck. Inhale. Press your back on the floor and pull in the belly, to remain in this position for 10 to 20 seconds. Exhale. Repeat the exercise 10 times, slowly.

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