Great Ways to Get Started on Your Path to Better Fitness

Great Ways to Get Started on Your Path to Better Fitness

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Whether you’re training for your next obstacle course race or just looking to get into better shape, there are things you can do in your everyday activities. Obstacle races are fun activities but the better conditioned you are the more fun you can have. The following are some great ways to get started on your path to better fitness.

For balance you can tie your shoes while standing on one leg, stand on the bus or train without holding on and riding a bike with no hands. For enhanced upper body strength you can do curls with your groceries, try some chair dips, and jump on the monkey bars the next time you pass a park. You’re never too old. For core strength and resistance try to stand up from chairs without your hands, take a break and do a 30 second plank, and wear a pair of heavy boots while you’re walking through some snow or mud. For flexibility you can do some dancing or draw the letters of the alphabet with your wrists and ankles. For lower body strength you can do squats or lunges while waiting for the bus, plant a garden, or even play some leap frog with a friend. Cardio can be jogging instead of just walking the dog. Mowing the lawn and racing a baby by crawling on the floor can help overall strength.

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