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Lack of vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients that will make a man weak or ill . A healthy body has all these nutritional supplements in the correct proportions required. Because we have a different diet than our ancestors ( junk food ) , and our vegetables , fruits , meats and other consumer products , do not have the same potential as before , sometimes there arises a lack of important supplements very concentrated in the body .

An adult has 1gm/kg body weight of protein per day, 20 – 50g fat, about 200 – 800g carbs, nearly a dozen vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, we should drink plenty of fluids, about 2-3 liters uncontaminated drinking water, for example rinsing. Toxins in our body away. lack of carbohydrates , fat and water in the body of a healthy person , can lead to hunger , thirst or fatigue .

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 If your body is not getting enough protein, vitamins and minerals, the effect of the defect is not immediately noticeable, but after a while you notice it. Our body needs protein daily because they are the building blocks of the body. Every cell in our body has a life span of 720 days, but the cells in our brains need to be replaced every two days, because they live only 2 days.

When the body does not get enough protein from the food we consume, the dead brain cells get a chance to replace. This deficiency may cause memory loss, and may also cause other diseases which are related to the brains. That is why doctors prescribe balanced diet and nutritional supplements.


Dietary supplements prevent imbalances, promote muscle development, and protect the body. Supplements for the elderly are of utmost importance. The addition of these supplements to a healthy diet helps to promote muscle mass and reduces aging symptoms.

In young people extreme physical activity can the nutrients and vitamins in the body deplet. In those cases, the addition of nutritional supplements to the diet also recommended.

By adding these supplements very concentrated to the diet it reduced the chance of becoming ill, and promotes good health in the family.

The development of nutritional supplements is really a complex process and requires a lot of care because the supplements are made based on the specific needs of different target groups such as men , women , children, or people with certain diseases or physical conditions.

Experts in companies that produce supplements very concentrated use the right techniques and calculations for the correct dosage. They create supplements think about the standards such as age and weight.

There is a plenty of choice of food supplements on the market , and everyone can choose what food supplements best suits him or her .
In short, we can be thankful that we have the opportunity to raise these nutritional supplements. The quality of our lives.

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The following is written by a representative of Nutrimax Supplement who is a professional writer and a member of the company’s marketing department. With the help of this article author want to describe with the right supplement, you can get 20% more profit. Dietary supplements not only help us to improve our training but also help us to become mentally stronger.

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