loose weight without affecting blood sugar

How to lose weight without affecting blood sugar levels?

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The presence of excessive fat content within the body leads to various ailments. Diabetes is a condition occurring due to abnormal blood sugar levels. With the increase in body fat, the body reduces the production of insulin, a hormone that is responsible for converting food into energy. This improper functioning of the digestive system leads to the development of heart ailments, blindness, renal failure and even death. It is necessary to maintain proper height to weight ratio. A diet meal plan to lose weight concentrates on the reduction of calories and increase in intake of proteins. It is necessary to prepare a well-planned diet program that suits the lifestyle of an individual.


Most people are reasonably active. However, it is necessary to consume an appropriate calorie level in a single day to reduce the abnormal functioning of blood sugar level. This is possible by cutting down unwanted foods that are rich in calories. The 2000 calorie diet program ensures that the patient produces energy to keep going through the day and at the same time gain control over high blood pressure levels and cholesterol. The diet program concentrates on inclusion of food products rich in fiber content. An increase in fiber content elevates the efficiency and functioning of the digestive system.


It is essential for an individual to classify the Foods into six different groups – vegetables, fruits, milk products, starches, fats and lean meat. A fixed quantity of serving from each of the categories has a similar proportion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The diet meal plan to lose weight includes food products from these categories to create a perfect balance. As the body receives its actual share of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, reduction in the abnormal functioning of the digestive system is possible. Such an action lowers the accumulation of calories, which in turn prevents the occurrence of various ailments.

Intake counting

It is a good habit to count the number of calories consumed by an individual body. This gives the opportunity to axe on the food products that are rich in carbohydrates. A healthy diet meal plan to lose weight focuses on the reduction of carbohydrates. The diet plan includes a six meal program. The six meal program is an effective tool to drop weight at a quicker pace without affecting the overall health. This method helps the body to produce energy at frequent intervals. The production of energy consumes unwanted calories within the body. Moreover, inclusion of exercise also helps in shedding excess weight.

There is a necessity to create a diet meal plan to lose weight that distributes the carbohydrate servings. Dividing the three large meal course into six small meal program is a great way to reduce the intake of carbohydrates. Readjusting the carbohydrate intake lowers the abnormal functioning of blood glucose. The diet program which is rich in fiber ensures an effective tool to keep a check on blood sugar levels. Creating a balance between carbohydrates, fats, proteins and calories ensures good health.

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