How effective are fortified foods?

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Since the second half of the twentieth century, the general purpose of food in developed countries has undergone a drastic change. Since the initial goal of eating to satisfy hunger, we have moved to a diet based on security, that is to provide the body the necessary nutrients that provide health and prevent disease.

Consequently, it has created a new concept of nutrition could be called healthy eating, and where functional foods take on a major role, as is the case of fortified foods .

This is to increase the nutritional properties of foods with certain ensure its benefits available to a large number of the population. Objective, as we shall see, involved more than some commercial advertising of reality itself.


Among the most common today, they include:

  • milk fortified with calcium
  • the juices of fruits with extra vitamin C
  • fiber enriched cereals, etc …

Towards the design food

In addition, the trend goes to add to products other nutrients that were not originally, or had very small amounts, as

  • milk enriched with fluoride
  • milk fortified juices
  • omega eggs
  • enriched with stiff fibers, etc …


Rather than being fortified foods and functional foods are, whose philosophy is to offer a healthy head beyond the pure nutritional effects.


A diverse diet in adequate amounts alone can provide the nutrients necessary for a healthy and normal.

The relative value of these products, may be found in nutritional needs of specific deficiencies, or when food have acquired bad habits very difficult to solve by other means.

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