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The sweating is a normal body function but some people have a very strong body odor and unpleasant.

Poor nutrition is one of the main causes of body odor when you discard the little hygiene or the presence of fungi in the body.

It is very important to know which foods are deodorants because they help to reduce or eliminate body odor. But there are other foods that enhance or promote strong body odor.


 Foods not recommended when you have body odor: 




– Garlic


– spices strong as curry, cumin among other


– you black


– snuff


-Foods high in sugar

Foods high in salt-


-Processed foods



Diet to control body odor

Foods that are recommended in the diet to combat body odor are: 

Green leafy vegetables-artichokes, lettuce, etc.

-Fresh fruits and juices



– nuts

– seeds of pumpkin

– alfalfa

– Sage


– Green tea

– chlorophyll

– Cinnamon


If you follow a healthy diet and natural foods can significantly reduce the body odor.

A properly balanced diet helps to eliminate toxins from the body and reduces build no body odor of perspiration.

The list of recommended foods does not mean completely eliminate from the diet but reduce their consumption to avoid aggravating smelly sweat.

With a good diet can significantly control and reduce sweat with strong odor. 

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