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Chocolate: is it good for you, or bad for you? Well it’s true that chocolates won’t help in losing weight but still they say chocolates are good for health. Do you want to know how? Explore the article written below!

  • Chocolate checks cancer: You would be glad to know that Georgetown university researchers found that breast cancer cells were treated with chocolate flavanols. The cells stopped dividing. The findings could be applied to other cancers too.
  • Chocolate boosts brain: A brain-imaging study on healthy women at Britain’s University of Nottingham found flavanol-rich cocoa increased blood flow to their brains for two to three hours. Researchers believe cocoa could benefit older adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • Chocolate may improve your skin: Researches at Germany’s Heinrich Heine University exposed chocolate eaters to ultraviolet light and found that after six weeks, they had 15 percent less skin reddening than those who didn’t eat it.” Study leader Wilhelm Stahl revealed that chocolates contains compounds that cats as UV filters. After 12 weeks, the chocolate eater’s skin was 16 percent denser and 42 percent less scaly.
  • Chocolate helps blood flow: You would be surprised to read that Dr. Norman Hollenberg of Hovard Medical School found that rate of heart disease, diabetes; stroke and cancer are less than 10 percent among Panama’s Kuna People, who drink up to 40 cups of cocoa per week. He confirmed that the epicatechin present in cocoa increases nitric oxide, which dilates vessels and improves blood flow.
  • Chocolate relieves fatigue: It has been seen that chronic fatigue patients who ate 1.6 ounces of dark chocolate daily for eight weeks were less tired when fed placebos. Researchers have proved that eating chocolates on regular basis boosts transmitters which regulate your sleep as well as mood.

For some, chocolate eating is bad for your health! How? Read more!

  • Chocolate is missing in nutrients: Confectionary makers remove healthy flavanols such as epicatechins because it is bitter in taste. For health benefits, you should choose dark over milk as it contains more than 60 percent cocoa content.
  • Chocolate may weaken bones: It has been found out by researchers that elderly women who eat chocolates on daily basis do not enjoy dense bones as those who eat chocolates only once in a week. This is because oxalate in chocolate stops calcium absorption, and sugar may increase calcium excretion.
  • Chocolate is high in fat: Do you know you get too many calories in just small volume of chocolate. One ounce of 60 percent cocoa has 162 calories. On average, about 50 percent of the energy in chocolate is from fat.

So thinking is it okay to eat chocolates in your regular diet. Well, the answer is yes, you can! It will boost blood antioxidants levels by 20 percent but make sure you choose chocolate with high cocoa content. By drinking cocoa instead of eating chocolate, so you can control fat as well as the calories.


Author Bio: This article was written by Morris York. He has a passion for writing on health topics. He has written several write-ups and know where to buy kamagra in UK.

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