5 Top Workplace Stress Busting Tips

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5 Top Workplace Stress Busting Tips

Let’s face it. Stress is one thing that makes working so toxic. Most of us work a little over eight hours per day and when you add up the pressures, you will surely drown from the barrage of stress and anxiety. It will not only harm your mental wellness, but stress will set you up to a life with an increased risk of heart disease and stroke that can prove fatal. Job strain is a real phenomenon that workers had to endure day in and day out. People who are constantly under job strain have 29 percent chances of getting heart ailments. The job strain is the biggest reason why people suffer from stress but you can fight back using stress-busting tips and make work less of a burden.

Don’t read work email at home

Volkswagen told its employees to stop reading work-related email after work. To make it sure that no employee will be violating this company policy, the company’s IT department turned off their employee’s Blackberry devices. When you are extending your exposure to the pressures of work well beyond the confines of the workplace, you are only making matters worse. It is laudable that companies such as Volkswagen are able to spare their employees from further stressful situation and allow them to enjoy life more.

Plan your work flow smartly

If you know how you handle your work flow you can make things work better for you. The key is not to work hard but smart. The late Stephen Covey hit this nail right on the head when he proposed to prioritize things that are urgent and important and pay no attention to activities that are not urgent and unimportant. Time management skills should be one of your strongest suits to make this plan happen. If you are able to maximize time and produce more in the process you will get more time to spend to have an excellent work-life balance.

De-clutter your desk now

Look at your desk and it will reveal how messy your workplace has been. Create a space where you can be inside a stress-free bubble, happy as you work along. Organize things properly so you will not lose time and create unnecessary stress when you are trying to look for things. Again put everything into a perspective and allow yourself to have a worry-free environment which will make you calmer and better at doing what you do.

Get a good night’s sleep

It is known that employees that hardly get enough sleep tend to fare poorly at work by 30 percent. If you feel drowsy, stop and rest at your desk even for five minutes and recharge on the fly. Fatigue impacts performance and could also tell on overall mental wellness. Research also shows that people that are sleep deprived are unhappy, exhausted and unable to focus on the task at hand, not to mention full of stress. Try to get enough sleep each night by doing relaxation exercises, doing a lot of strenuous exercises and taking supplements that would help you sleep better. If you can, don’t over think situations that you don’t have much control over.

Go out and exercise

You can have a good workout even if you are stuck at your desk. There are websites and blogs that are dedicated to teach people with exercise routines that you can do at or near your desk. There is no need to have fancy equipment for these types of exercise. You can do it while taking your 15-minute coffee break or during lunch. Most companies have gyms in their own facilities for the convenience of their employees. Companies that don’t have the luxury of putting up gyms would provide gym vouchers for their employees so they can work out at the company’s expense.

Managers understand the importance of stress and anxiety free workplaces. They know that a less stressed employee tends to produce more and with top-notch quality. Employees should take advantage of the perks given to them by the company to have a great work-life balance and hopefully make the workplace less toxic and more fun.


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