Top Reasons To Choose Dental Implants

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If you’re missing one tooth, or a few teeth, or even all of them, tooth implants are highly encouraged by dentists and recommended by most patients who already have them. Not only can it be embarrassing missing a tooth, particularly if it’s a front and center gap that manifests itself every time your smile or talk, but missing one can ruin your oral health as well. Below are just a few more reasons to get an implant if you qualify:

Closest to a Regular Tooth

When a tooth is knocked out for any reason, the nerves, tissue and blood vessels associated with that tooth are damaged as well. While some teeth can be saved, usually when a dentist is seen immediately, most adult teeth are permanently dead once knocked out. Implants are the closest treatment that will be like having a regular tooth, and will feel the same after a few months. This is because natural teeth have roots attaching to the jawbone, and implanted teeth can similarly anchor themselves to the jawbone due to its titanium component. While it takes a few months for the titanium to attach, and therefore will initially feel funny, your mouth will feel just like before within a few months! With dental implants, you can still eat, talk and smile as you always had!

In addition to a natural look and feeling, dental implants are the safest treatment option for neighboring adjacent natural teeth compared to other options. Implants are independent of other teeth and don’t rely on support from them. Dentures and bridges both rely on the adjacent natural teeth for support, damaging the naturals over time.

Replacements Lasting a Lifetime

If you’re considering getting removable dentures and bridgework rather than implants, you may want to reconsider. Unlike implants, these dental treatments typically need to be remade and replaced frequently over time. With proper care, dental implants never need replacements, giving it the best value in the long term.

Bone Loss Prevention

Natural teeth are the necessary stimulant the jawbone needs in order to function and rebuild itself. This means that tooth loss results in bone loss, and what does bone loss result in? Well, for one thing, it usually has an unfortunate outcome of premature aging, because your jawbone is slowly withering away. Also, the jawbone is much more vulnerable to fractures if treatment is postponed long enough. This advantage is unique compared to other treatments available.

Low Maintenance

We already spend a lot of time on our teeth, particularly those who undergo cosmetic dentistry procedures. We just want to look and feel our best, and sometimes this entails going the extra mile and getting teeth whitened or dental veneers to straighten and brighten our smiles. Luckily, dental implants are different from other procedures. They are just like caring for all your other teeth — no special products or soaking them overnight. Once put in place, implants will never cost you another dime. They don’t get cavities or infections like naturals. However, it is still critical for patients with implants to continue practicing good oral hygiene, as gum disease can still occur when oral care for the implants is abandoned!


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