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Everyone wants a white smile, but no one really knows where to look! Sure, you could go through lengthy whitening cycles with expensive over the counter procedures.  Those kits are pretty expensive for a miniscule amount of progress and can take hours out of your week.  You could always go to your cosmetic dentist and ask for a whitening procedure, but that too will take time to set up an appointment and take off work to get to the cleaning.  Also, you could end up spending lots of money if your dental insurance plan doesn’t cover cosmetic visits.

So now you’re stuck; you want a whiter smile but you don’t have a lot of time or money to invest in getting those pearly whites.  Although it may seem like your hope for a great smile is almost as dim as the shine of your teeth, don’t give up just yet.  It has been proven that there are actually several different products or utensils in your house which could be used to rejuvenate your smile.  With the use of these typically household products you could get a better smile to show off with no added time in the bathroom or costly kits.  However, before you can use the products it is important to understand what you’re starting off with.  This means making sure your current oral hygiene practice is effective.

The most standard practices of getting a white smile is proper use of toothbrush and toothpaste.  Having the right toothbrush for you is the first step to having an effective brushing experience.  If you find that your teeth don’t seem to react to your toothbrush in regards to polishing off plaque, consider looking at a heavier brush with thicker bristles The heavier the brush, the hard it will scrub to reach bacteria and plaque growing in the ridges and gaps of your teeth.  You should also make sure that fluoride is an active ingredient in your toothpaste.  Fluoride is found to be the most effect cleaning agent in modern toothpastes.  The right combination of brush and paste will on it’s own make your brushing ten times more effective.  Sometimes the cheapest options can fall short on performance.

Now onto the household options for a whiter smile.  You may have noticed this ingredient on many different cleaning agents.  From laundry soap to dishwashing detergent and even toothpaste; baking soda has been known to give the right amount of grit that your teeth need.  Next time you’re brushing and notice a thicker-than-usual layer of plaque build up, consider sprinkling some baking soda on your brush head and having another go at it.  It’s texture and sand like quality will provide a solid buffer that grinds off the bacteria and dying food and plaque without damaging your gums or enamel.  Although you might find some of the baking soda to linger in your cheeks and undersides of teether, a good rinse will get those remaining specks out and leave your teeth feeling great and freshly polished.

Sometimes there are hard to brush spots that the baking soda might not reach and your toothbrush will fall short.  Gaps in between your teeth or in the grooves of your molars will quickly become the home to bacteria that causes odor and discoloration.  It’s important to kill this off quickly so you can be ready to let your teeth shine the next time you’re out.  If you’re looking for a bit cleaner feeling and don’t have enough foaming agent covering your mouth to clean out the bacteria and germs, consider taking a small swig of some hydrogen peroxide.  It will quickly begin to foam around your mouth and clean all the small parts of your teeth that you might have trouble finding with your standard brushing practice.  Make sure not to take too much because the foaming could be overwhelming, and make sure to not swallow the peroxide.  While it won’t cause any serious problems for you it could easily discomfort your stomach.  Just a quick wash out and brush with a little bit of hydrogen peroxide added to your toothpaste foam will call for a noticeably white smile after just one brush.

One last household item that you overlook all the time and will give you a serious smile tune-up as well as diminish bad breath is floss. Sure, you already knew it was meant for your teeth but the real question is if you’re actually using it.  It is not uncommon that people who come across free packets of floss from either a promotional offer or a take home bag from their last dentist visit tend to let them fall into a medicine cabinet to never be seen again.  The actual use of floss can help get all the dead food particles out from in between teeth.  When these food bits get stuck they will rot and cause odor, not to mention draw in more bacteria which could cause cavities and poor enamel health.  Instead of overlooking the floss next time you’re digging through the drawers, consider stopping and taking a few minutes for an oral cleanup.  You would be surprised what a bi-weekly flossing routine could do for your smile.

Don’t get confused and think that you can handle all oral hygiene processes at home.  Dentists are a vital part of our health and are needed for many parts of our tooth care regime.  However in between visits these tips can be used to keep up the appearance of your smile and bring you more confidence in yourself.  Most of these products can be found in any kitchen or bathroom and are applicable to getting better overall tooth health without losing hours behind sticky strips that get stuck to your teeth.


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