Attention! Bones need more than just calcium

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When most people think of the health of their bones , the first – and only – nutrient that comes to mind is the calcium . In fact, bones require a complex range of vitamins and minerals in addition to exercise to stay healthy.

The living bone is actually very complicated, and it is nothing like the dry bones that most of us have seen.
It is a living tissue, filled with blood vessels and nerves that continually build and break down in the body. The bones are attached to every muscle in our body, and manufacture most of our blood cells. Scaffolding bone mineral is nowhere but proteins, mainly in the form of collagen connective tissue . The hard part of the bone mineral consists of the stacked body on the connective tissue.

And those minerals in bone are much more than calcium. The bone mineral structure contains almost all mineral substances in the human body.

After calcium, the second most abundant element in the bone is magnesium , probably the highest mineral in human nutrition.
Besides being absolutely essential for healthy bones, magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant, helps maintain normal blood pressure prevents diabetes type II, and is essential to the health of the heart and blood vessels. More than 300 different essential chemical reactions in the body depend on magnesium.
You and your bones can not be healthy without an adequate supply of magnesium.

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