To combat osteoporosis, prevention is the key

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It’s easy to ignore your bones when you are young and you feel strong. But consider this: it will not be useful to wait until age 50 to start thinking about them. That’s because the risk of osteoporosis (literally, porous bones) depends on the amount of bone mass that accumulates from adolescence to age 30 and quickly lost later . Both are factors over which they have some control.

When we are young we form new bone faster than we lose old bone, achieving a maximum density around 25 to 30 years, when we started to lose a little more of what we earn. loss accelerates rapidly after themenopause , when estrogen levels drop sharply (estrogen helps set new bone).

Until recently, bisphosphonates were considered the holy grail for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. However, growing evidence suggests that taking them for more than five years, may actually weaken bones and cause spontaneous fractures and jaw disorder rare but very serious (osteonecrosis) and digestive problems.
, and dairy products and not considered the panacea they once were: study after study shows no decrease in fracture risk with higher consumption. Thesupplements of calcium are also losing their status as a cure-all.

As usual, the key to successful health issues are a healthy diet and exercise.

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