Olive oil yes, but … How?

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There are many recommendations that we hear every day about the virtues of this element gold. Recall that its properties are both preventive and taxpayers to slow the growth of cancer cells, especially those of olive oilextra virgin. Nor should we forget their heart-healthy properties.

Any medicine?

It is not a cure based on this food, but we could say that their use and consumption is more suitable than other products that would be harmful or discouraged.

How olive oil?

A healthy

But many of us wonder: Yes, seems healthy use olive oil, but how do we know how much oil we have to eat so that their properties will benefit?Why is not the same oil used to cook our favorite dishes that oblilgarse to take a daily amount of the substance in question.

Well, in this article we delve into this, and the recommendations of nutrition experts are:


We know that for an adult, healthy, the average diet should provide about 2,500 calories a day

The contribution of fat total caloric value should reach a maximum of 35%

Of these fats, 20% monounsaturated fat would (those made ​​by the olive oil).


Therefore, if we consider a tablespoon of olive oil as a serving, you can set about recommended intake is between four-thirty and five tablespoons of olive oil per day for one person. Whether as a condiment (raw) , or sauteed, fried, stewed, etc …

To which we must add that the rest of the fat contribution (! Remaining 5% of total), also should be controlled accordingly. (Sausages, pastries, dairy, etc …).

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