The child vegetarian. Nutrition Tips

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The nutritional needs of young children are high. To raise a child vegetarian is necessary to ensure inclusion in the diet of many nutrients quality, good sources of calcium , vitamins B12 and D, protein and iron .

As for milk, should not be skimmed, as it eliminates the vitamins A and D.When using soy milk , make sure that this is recommended for infants.

The child vegetarian.  Nutrition Tips

Fundamental nutrients vegetarian children from the first year:



After six months, the diet should include vegetarian sources of iron, since milk alone can not meet the needs.

The vitamin C is important for the absorption of iron, so you have to combine dark green leafy vegetables, cereals and legumes , citrus, kiwi, cabbage, peppers, potatoes and tomatoes.



Breast milk contains calcium needed during the first months

At weaning, you can use fortified soy milk, cheese, yogurt, green vegetables,bread and vegetables whole.



When starting solid food intake must be ensured that there is variety to achieve protein balance.

The combination of various plant sources is ideal. For example, grains combined with legumes or vegetables.


Vitamin B 12

After weaning, you get eggs and milk.

For a vegan baby are recommended soy milk, brewer’s yeast and algae.


vitamin D

Its sources are in the margarine and fortified foods such as cereals.

The effect of sunlight on the skin is also a source of vitamin D, of course, in moderation and avoiding high temperatures.


Fatty acids omega 3 and 6

Their plant sources are in the seeds of flax, pumpkin , sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.

Ideally, grind the seeds and add the powder to dishes.

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