Nutritional properties of green beans or green beans

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The green beans or green beans are legumes popular as they are used to prepare various dishes.

But one of the best qualities of green beans is that they have very few calories making it ideal for those who do not want to get fat.


The beans provide the body with nutrients such as: 




– Vitamin B 1

-Vitamin B2

Vitamin B6-

– Vitamin C

– Vitamin K

– Vitamin E

– iron

– Calcium

– Phosphorus

– iodine

– zinc

– Potassium

– Magnesium



Benefits of eating green beans:

-Helps to treat conditions such as gout, kidney in the kidneys , arthritis

-Helps fight and prevent anemia

-Assists in the treatment of constipation

-Increases the body’s defense as it strengthens the immune system

-Helps regulate cholesterol

-Helps remove body fluids

-They promote weight loss

-Help treat hypertension

-Enhance health of pregnant women and young children

-Helps treat diabetes

-Support the health of bones , hair and skin


People with kidney problems should not eat green beans because they are high in potassium and that can be detrimental to your health.

Green beans can be eaten fresh or frozen to prepare various meals.

These vegetables are very healthy so it really worth incorporate it into our diet.

There are many recipes for salads, cakes and all kinds of food with green beans.

Green beans are a whole food that helps nutrition and health care so it is recommended to regularly consume

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