Decreased calcium in our bones from osteoporosis

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There are many factors why a person might come to suffer from osteoporosis, which can themselves be gradually originating whose symptoms should go searching in order to receive preventive treatment before the disease becomes chronic.

Osteoporosis is a decrease in bone mass, a situation that is not connected in any way with any type of biological problem, generally, who suffers from osteoporosis is usually a person who is in an advanced age, disease in women is present after the age of menopause . Because of this condition, the patient (in this case women) should not neglect all types of screening tests to find out how your bone mass.

Symptoms reflected in osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease that has symptoms very different from others in our bodies, which could be taken as an advantage since its recognition becomes earlier than any other. Thus, the symptoms may become a person with osteoporosis suffer are:

  • A series of bone pain with moderate intensity.
  • Most pains are located at the spine.
  • There may also be pain at the pelvis.
  • If the pain is too severe, the patient may feel immobilized.

This immobility that can present in a patient with osteoporosis may last for several weeks, which is due to a compression fracture that has progressed to trauma.

This disease of osteoporosis could eventually affect the structure of the individual who has been affected. The physician responsible for the treatment is a rheumatologist, who based painkillers and rest at an early stage could eventually eradicate the disease. You could also make use of the known dietary hygiene rules, which involve moderate physical activity, balanced diet and a soft reeducation regarding the administration of calcium and phosphorus.

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