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Scoliosis is a very common medical condition in a large number of people.scoliosis is called abnormal curvature of the spine and there are different types, depending on their structure.

In most cases, the cause is unknown, although there have been a large number of cases in which the scoliosis was a result of poor formation ofbones congenital (deformation of the curvature of the spine present at birth).

Generally, scoliosis develops during periods of rapid growth, such as childhood and adolescence.

The symptoms of scoliosis are usually back pain in the affected area, abnormal fatigue when exercising the back, deformed bones of the shoulders and hips, curvature of the spine visible externally.

Advice for people with scoliosis

Before you begin, you will need to be properly diagnosed by a specialist to determine the exact cause of scoliosis in each case and learn what things you can and can not do to improve the condition of each patient.

1. Exercising

Numerous studies have proven many times the benefits of exercise in relation to the formation and maintenance of bones. The weight exercise (running, walking, jumping, weightlifting, football, gymnastics, swimming, etc..) Helps keep bones strong . This will avoid the possibility of continuing the evolution of a growing scoliosis.

Moreover, exercise improves the sense of well being of the patient, so it is highly recommended.

Many patients often develop abnormal curvature of his back due to bad posture habits . Strengthening the muscles of the back and abdominal muscles will help improve posture, getting a more harmonious and healthy.

2. sleeping on your back

Those suffering from scoliosis should sleep on his back, staring at the ceiling, and no pillows. At first, it may be difficult to get used to, but once achieved, the benefits are felt quickly, substantially improving the quality of life of patients.

If at first you can not sleep without pillows on your back, try sleeping on your side and stand a pillow between your legs. This position is not so good for the back as the previous position but, without doubt, it is better to sleep face down.

3. Care to overweight

 It stands to reason. A body with a few kilos overweight affect the structural performance of the body in many ways. In the case of the back, spine (set of bones that give structure and balance to our body) must support more weight than they should and can cause or worsen symptoms of scoliosis , described in the introduction to this article.

4. Rest sufficient number of hours

Sleep at least 8 hours a day. A good rest will help in many ways: it be easier the pain , is less likely to suffer stress, your system restablecerás nervous , you will feel stronger, etc..

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