How to prevent osteoporosis?

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The osteoporosis is a disease characterized by the reduction of the density of the bone therefore become weaker and prone to fracture.

Women are often the most affected by this disease but men can also be affected especially in the elderly.

The insufficient amount of calcium consumed or difficulty absorbing are the main causes that predispose to osteoporosis. The ad

There are certain factors that may favor the development of osteoporosis as:

-The high consumption of alcohol and coffee

-Consumption of snuff

-The sedentary

High consumption of protein-

-Eating too much salt

-Too much fiber

-The Age

The great advantage of osteoporosis is that this disease is preventable.There are certain dietary guidelines and lifestyle to help prevent osteoporosis as:

-It is important to follow a natural and balanced diet containing adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D .

-Do not smoke because it negatively affects bone health.

-Exercising regularly is very important since calcium consumed is fixed when performing physical activity.

Eat moderately-alcoholic beverages and coffee helps prevent osteoporosis.


Natural sources of calcium are more important in foods:

The skim-milk both as integers including milk, yogurt, soft cheeses and others have much calcium.

-The nuts , I legumes , green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli contain relevant amounts of calcium.

-The fish especially sardines, salmon, tuna also provide vitamin D the body.


Calcium must be constantly ingested through food or supplements of calcium because the body absorbs it or deletes it. 

It is important to eat foods containing calcium at all stages of life but when it comes to age 50 should be more attentive and regularly eat calcium to prevent osteoporosis.

A medical checkup is vital to know how are the bones to reach seniors and if need be you can make a treatment for osteoporosis.

ults need at least 1 gram of calcium daily to maintain bone density.

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