How to relieve the symptoms of rheumatism?

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He rheumatism her rheumatoid arthritis are inflammatory processes that affect the muscles, bones ligaments and all dotted soft androgen much pain .

Several rheumatic diseases as there are several variations but with similar characteristics.


Rheumatic symptoms are:

-Aching muscles, joints and bones


-Mobility difficulties



-Impaired organs



Rheumatism is a chronic disease that is diagnosed once not cured but if you treat the symptoms and stop the progress achieved in the same medical treatment.

Some tips to relieve rheumatism:

-Exercise helps ease the pain and avoid the problems of mobility in the joints.We suggest walking, yoga, tai chi and swimming in addition to medical treatment.

-Eat 4 or 5 nuts on a daily basis to help relieve joint inflammation and relieve pain.

-Compresses boldo are very good when rheumatic pains. Infusion is prepared tibia and then when this is placed over the painful area.

-Roast some onions and then placed as a poultice on the painful area of ​​the body helps reduce inflammation and therefore less pain. We also recommend eating raw onions in salads regularly to prevent pain.

The tea-claw cat helps relieve pain from rheumatism. Used 6 grams of leaves per liter of water. Boil for 10 minutes and add a little lemon juice and honey .The liter of water should be drunk all divided into different take.

-Acupuncture can help relieve pain and other symptoms of rheumatism so this ancient technique is recommended.

The elderly are more prone to rheumatic diseases although some manifest from youth. 

A healthy diet, exercise, medical treatment and use some of the home remedies or tips described above allow to reduce pain and achieve a better quality of life for people.

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