Motor deficits caused by hemiplegia

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When our bodies begin to lose the ability to move any of our limbs, or parts of the same area, is the sign that something strange is going on in our body. Without wishing to venture to speculate about the disease that could be suffering at the moment, it is always timely medical consultation to confirm or exclude the presence of hemiplegia affecting our health.

Hemiplegia is characterized by motor deficit, it can have varying importance and depends on each agency and can occur either partially or fully depending on the intensity of the disease. Thus, the movement of the body half may be affected, being practically impossible to move either limbs belonging to that area.

Clinical signs present in a hemiplegia

If this hemiplegia has come to present affecting half of our body, then the extensor muscles belonging to the upper and lower limb flexors are primarily affected in this disease. If the immobility not been completely introduced, the disease may cause the patient drag foot located on the affected side, shall be stated that said side reflections are alive.

The face is also affected on the same side and even, on the contrary. In most cases, hemiplegia could potentially affect the lower body. A neurologist must analyze each of the symptoms you are presenting a patient who has been affected by this disease, having no specific treatment but rather, everything is geared to try to review the history of the disease on the sufferer.

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