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arteriosclerosis is the enlargement of the walls of the arteries. It has become a very common disease in modern times, increasing the rate of mortality, especially among older people. The arteriosclerosis is normally preceded by atherosclerosis, a kind of infiltration of fat between inner lining of blood vessel walls. The most delicate parts are the coronary vessels of the heart and arteries of the brain. The arteriosclerosis is thus the loss of elasticity of blood vessels and an enlargement of the smaller arteries, which interfere in the normal blood circulation.

Symptoms of atherosclerosis

The symptoms of arteriosclerosis vary with arteries involved. The first symptoms are usually the feeling of inadequate distribution of blood to the legs. You may have feelings of cold feet, tingling and pain in the legs.
were involved coronary arteries, the patient may be subject to sharp pains, characteristic of angina pectoris. Attacks occur and cerebro-vascular, then a partial or total paralysis of one side of the body. May also occur the loss of memory and a state of confusion, especially among elderly patients.

Causes of atherosclerosis

Lack of exercise, excessive consumption of sugars and foods with a lot of fat (cholesterol).
too high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes can cause hardening of the arteries. Heart attacks are very common even in times of mental and emotional disorders mainly due to stress.
This disease can also be acquired through inheritance from family.

Natural Remedies against atherosclerosis

Treat atherosclerosis with lemon

Lemon peel has proved very useful in the treatment against atherosclerosis. Just grate a lemon peel on soups or salads. It can also grate a whole lemon peel in a glass of water, then left at rest for 12 hours. Strengthens the arteries.

Treat atherosclerosis with parsley

Parsley is another effective remedies for arteriosclerosis. Contains elements that help to maintain the blood vessels, especially capillaries, and the system of arteries in conditions salutali. It can be taken as a tea: a teaspoon of dried parsley you must be boiled on a low flame in a cup of water for a few minutes. To be taken three times a day.

Treat atherosclerosis with vegetable juice

The beet juice, taken daily, has proved effective in the treatment of atherosclerosis. It ‘an excellent solvent for inorganic calcium deposits. Even the juices of carrot and spinach are useful. One can combine together, with the following proportions: 300 ml of carrot juice and 200 ml of spinach juice.

Treat atherosclerosis with honey

Honey is one of the most effective methods for the treatment of atherosclerosis. Take a glass of water with a teaspoon of honey and another of lemon juice before going to sleep or if you wake up during the night.

Treat atherosclerosis with garlic and onion

Recent surveys have shown that garlic and onions contain substances that help to prevent the development of atherosclerosis. Should be included in the daily diet, either raw or cooked.

Diet for atherosclerosis

Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts and raw foods. Eat little and often, rather than consuming large meals a few times a day.
Avoid fats (butter and animal fats, meat and excess salt), strong condiments, tea, coffee, sugar and white flour.
use olive oil or oil Flaxseed for cooking.

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