Natural remedies for dark circles

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The circles are the discoloration of the skin that is located under the eyes, which make it look darker and therefore more in evidence. The dark circles are not yet a problem, “doctor”, it is only the anomalies that have a unaesthetic, making the eyes appear and the face as if you had a sense of fatigue or sadness.

Natural remedies for dark circles

The remedy against the principal circles is perhaps the most obvious, but certainly more effective to try to sleep the hours needed and rest.


Prepare a relaxing pad with two bags of chamomile soaked in hot water. Once you are ready, let the tea cool down. Soak two cotton balls in the tea and apply it on the eyelids (closed) for 10 or 15 minutes.

Treat Dark Circles with potatoes

Wash one medium-sized potato, remove the skin and cut two pieces to be applied for ten minutes on the eyes.

Dark circles and cucumber

Put half raw cucumber in the fridge and, once cooled, cut into slices and place them on your eyes for about 10 minutes. The refreshing cucumber has properties that are a great remedy for dark circles .

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