Natural remedies for amnesia

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amnesia is the partial or total loss of memory. It comes in various levels, especially among older people or people with mental disorders.

Symptoms of amnesia

The most common form is the ‘ verbal amnesia : the person forgets words or names.Another (albeit rare) form of amnesia is temporary loss of memory, in which a person forgets his or her identity, including name, age, family and any thing of the past.

Natural remedies for amnesia

There are many natural remedies very useful to combat amnesia and help the patient to refresh your memory. Rosemary is the herb most commonly used for this purpose: it has always been considered to be very effective as an antidote to mental fatigue and forgetfulness. Prepare a tea of rosemary and drink twice a day.

Sage is another medicinal plant recommended for treating memory loss affects the cerebral cortex and reduces mental fatigue increasing the ability to concentrate.

Almonds are very effective in treating amnesia have special properties to restore the nervous system and eliminate the mental weakness.

Apples, being rich in vitamin B1, phosphorus and potassium, help to synthesize glutamic acid, which is what controls the attrition cell.

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