Remedies to treat chapped and dry lips

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Chapped and dry lips

As the skin of other parts of the body, the lips do not produce natural substances to protect against low humidity and cold winds. The change in temperature and weather can be cause dryness, cracks and fissures.

Remedies to treat chapped and dry lips

The following natural remedies are very effective for treating the lips when they are dry or chapped. Apply stick brighter, use cocoa butter (a protector for the lips), avoid dental creams, non-alcoholic drink plenty of fluids, especially water.
Staying in a temperate environment, avoiding exposure to wind, cold and hot sun are also part natural remedies to cure dry and chapped lips.


Symptoms of dry and chapped lips can be loss of moisture of the lips, bleeding, mild pain, dryness and irritation, excessive sensitivity.


Overexposure to cold, wind, sun, allergy to cosmetics, infection, dehydration, macrocytosis, frequent use of soap or other chemicals, deficiencies of vitamins A, B and C, smoking, or skin diseases.

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