Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

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Hair loss

Remedies for the prevention of hair loss

Although the hair is not essential for survival, his fall is a source of concern and anxiety to any person. The hair is formed in a particular structure of the skin, called the follicle, which produces cells that lead to the birth and development of the hair with keratin. 
The average hair growth is 1.2 cm per month, and grows more rapidly among women between the ages of fifteen to thirty years.

Symptoms of hair loss

The loss of hair , found among the clothes occur after combed, or patches of baldness. Symptoms of hair loss are very obvious and visible.

Causes of hair loss

The most important cause of hair loss a poor diet. A diet deficient in vitamin B6 could be a cause. 
Another cause of hair loss may be tensions such concerns, anxiety, weakness caused by severe illnesses and long. But even a dirty scalp weakens the hair that tends to fall. 
It also depends on hereditary factors.

Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Treating hair loss by rubbing the scalp

Rub vigorously with your fingers the scalp after washing your hair with cold water is one of thenatural remedies most effective for the prevention of hair loss. Activates the sebaceous glands and stimulates circulation.

Cure hair loss naturally with lettuce

The lettuce is very useful in the prevention of hair loss. It is said that drinking a mixture of lettuce juice and spinach juice helps the growth of hair.

Natural remedy for hair loss with amaranth

Amaranth is another very effective natural remedy for hair loss. Apply the juice of the leaves of amaranth to the hair.

Treating hair loss with nim

The leaves of the nim are very effective in the treatment of hair loss. Wash your hair with water boiled with leaves nim. It will help the growth and stabilize its degree of darkness. It also helps as a disinfectant.

Natural remedy for hair loss with coconut milk

The coconut milk, applied on the scalp with the massage is very useful for the treatment of hair loss. Nourishes the hair and promotes growth.

Natural remedy for hair loss with seeds of lime and black pepper

Many natural remedies have effective results in the treatment for hair loss. One of the most recognized of these remedies is the seeds of lime and black pepper. Both the seeds are ground into a paste that is applied to the thin spots “no hair.” They have a mild irritant action, which stimulates blood circulation and thus the growth of the hair. To be applied twice a day for a few weeks.

Treating hair loss with liquorice

The paste of liquorice, made macinandone of the pieces in milk, is another effective way to baldness. Be applied on the bald patches of hair before going to sleep.

Hair loss treatment with onion

Rub the spots with no hair with onion, morning and afternoon. Once finished with the onion, rub with honey.

Diet for hair loss

Undertake a balanced diet, avoiding frequent meals and small.

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