Natural Remedies for myopia

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The term myopia, it refers to the inability to see distant objects with clarity.


Usually begins with the blurred vision of distant objects. The eyes may begin to tear, because of stress. You may experience itching, heaviness of the eyes and headaches.

Causes of Myopia

The causes of myopia can be varied. Excessive mental effort (hence the eyes and muscles), poor eating habits and inefficient arrangement of nerves.

Natural Remedies for myopia

Treating myopia with vitamin A

The consumption of vitamin A is very useful for the treatment of myopia and to improve eyesight. Consume a lot of raw spinach, cream, cheese, butter, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, milk and oranges.


Another effective remedy for myopia is licorice. Take two times a day a solution composed of half tea spoon of licorice, mixed with the same amount of honey is half amount of butter.

The chicory

Chicory is very useful for the treatment of myopia with natural products . Contains elements that are constantly required by the optical system: it is a rich source of vitamin A.

Other remedies to treat myopia

Sit with your face to the sun and eyes closed, and balance the head on both sides several times during 10 minutes. Then open and close your eyes always looking at the sun.
Throwing cold water on the eyes, and then wipe the eyelids (closed) with a clean towel. Cool the eyes increases the circulation of blood.

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