Natural Remedies for Cataracts

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The cataract is a common disease of the eye, which prevents a clear and sharp images. The lens, through which light travels toward the outside of the eye, is placed behind the iris.Patients suffering from cataract, the lens becomes opaque and seriously hinders the entry of light into the eye.

Natural Remedies for Cataracts

Treat cataracts with carrot

The use of the carrot is considered to be very useful as a natural cure for cataracts . You have to eat a lot of raw carrot every day. As an alternative, you can drink two glasses of fresh carrot juice in the morning and afternoon.

Treat cataracts with garlic

Garlic is another effective natural remedies for cataracts . Eat, chewing slowly, two or more cloves of garlic will help clean the lens of the eye.

Treat cataracts with pumpkin

The zucchini flowers are a very effective remedy for cataract. Apply the juice obtained from the flowers of pumpkin on the eyelids twice a day. Block the clouding of the lens of the eye.

Remedies to cure cataracts

Treat cataracts with honey

The use of pure honey is another useful remedy for cataract .Drop a few drops of pure honey (not processed) directly on the eye.

Treat cataracts with walnuts

Grate seven nuts with half a gram of black pepper in half a cup of water, and then drink the whole thing. Helps the eye to recover force.

Symptoms of cataracts

The first symptom of cataract is the view is not clear. The patient has difficulties to put the images in focus. As his disease takes over, the patient may have a double vision of things. In more serious cases, people and things can appear as shapeless masses of light, while the pupil can become discolored white and gray.

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