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The sunburns are injuries that occur on the skin, caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Its characteristics are similar to those produced from burns induced by heat sources.

It ‘important to keep an eye sunburn, as it can get complicated and become infections that can facilitate the formation of scars and melanomas.
The first thing to do after having suffered a sunburn, is to cool the affected area with cold water. Once cooled the air, you can apply one of the following natural remedies for sunburn to relieve pain and allow a quick cure.

Natural Remedies Sunburn

Cold milk

Soak gauze in cold milk and apply on the area for about half an hour sunburned. Repeat every two or three hours, keeping the cold milk.

Burns from sun and aloe vera

Take a leaf of aloe vera, extract the gel (or juice), and apply it on the affected area from sunburn by Sun

Yogurt and cold water

Apply yogurt on all areas affected by sunburn. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse with cold water. Slowly dry the skin, but not rubbing patting.

Chamomile and olive oil against sunburn Sunglasses

Mix 25 grams of dried chamomile flowers with a quart of olive oil. Heat in a double boiler over low heat for an hour and a half. Turn off the heat, pour the whole thing and let it cool, then apply a little ‘oil on the affected part resulting from sunburn from the Sun

The sage

Wash the affected area from sunburn with very cold infusion made from sage. Relax the skin, improving the process of care.

Baking soda

Fill the bathtub with cold water and add two tablespoons of baking soda, then wash the affected area with this water. Repeat three times daily. Rather than wiping with a cloth, allow the solution to dry on its own. This remedy relieves irritation, rehydrates the area burned by the sun and facilitates its recovery.

Recommendations for sunburn Sunglasses

Be very careful with soap, as it can dry out and irritate your skin burned. If you use soap, make sure it is a very light, even better if neutral.

Consume plenty of fluids, to prevent the skin from drying out due to sunburn.

Making a balanced diet based on foods that contain vitamin A (which increases the production of melanin), so that the skin can regenerate.

When we wash, the towel must not be rubbed on the skin, since the further irritate. Better wipe with “taps” very light.

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