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Perfect Breasts

Every woman dreams of having a perfect breast . Most women are always complaining about the size of their breasts, a small finds, the other – great. Unlike women who are always in search of solutions for beautiful breasts , men are not able to decide the size you prefer and watch them marvel as young naturalists.

Perfect breasts here is some important factors …

Walk straight
The shape of perfect breasts is directly related to the way you walk. The posture of the body Coretta helps to maintain the breast in shape pointing upwards, and not towards the floor. So make sure that your posture is correct, even while walking. Include various exercises for the back muscles in your daily life. You should be careful frequently to the position of your shoulders and try to keep them straight. The pectoral muscles, if fit, will make your body more flexible, and can also help to slightly increase the volume of the breast . The exercise daily will help you quickly get in shape.

Dear my bra 
Choosing the right underwear is important . Of course, the majority of women prefer to wear the lingerie beautiful , neglecting its functionality. For example, even the lace lingerie seductive and can be adapted on the basis of the anatomical features of the woman. The bra is necessary in order to support the breasts and give it a nice shape.

The breast should fill the cup of the bra , but should not be crushed. The straps should not cut the shoulders, making breathing difficult or cause any discomfort. Many women with small breasts do not always wear a bra, but if you do some sports and especially during pregnancy and lactation bra is essential. Women with big breasts are more dense materials suitable bras with wide straps and belt. The seamless brassieres are made of materials treated in a special way, so that the bra takes the same shape of the breast,and is suitable to any size.

How to sleep 
at least one third of our lives we spend sleeping . During the period of sleep, skin cells are restored. Everyone prefers the most comfortable position to sleep. If you like to sleep on your stomach, try to quickly get rid of this habit.Sleep in this position contributes to the rapid appearance of wrinkles on the neck, hampers the flow of blood in the chest with the resulting facial edema.The best position is to sleep lying on your back on a flat pillow. Also, do not wear tight underwear at night, nothing should constrain movements.

Treatment with water
The easiest and cheapest way to care for your breasts – treatment with water and mixed friction with ice cubes. They increase the tone of the skin , making it soft and smooth. To obtain a greater effect, freeze water and use infusions of medicinal herbs. Massage with ice cubes should be made with light and circular, and you have to massage each breast for less than a minute. Do it for a longer period is not recommended, because it must avoid cooling the breast that can lead to inflammation. So, do not overdo it. The massagestrong chest is absolutely contraindicated. You can not press or squeeze the breast, this can lead to big problems. By the way, did you suggest this to your partner.

Healthy Eating
addition to outside influence on his chest, you can also keep your health from the inside. The meals should include fruits and vegetables, juices and fruit drinks, breads, bran, whole grains, mineral water. The carbohydrates and cellulose are useful for the mammary glands – support the chest and the nurse with vitamins. Eating foods the less salty possible. The salt retains water in the body and causes the stretching of the skin. Do not choose excessive dieting because they ruin not only the digestive system, but also make dry skin causing a thinning and stretch marks .

What’s in the fridge nuh?

Before you buy a cream costly to the chest, look in the fridge – surely you can find products that can easily replacecosmetics “factory”. On your chest, you can always make a mask with ricotta and olive oil (cream, fruit juice or honey). The mixture should be placed precisely on the chest, and after 20 minutes, rinse with a decoction of chamomile. Or, you can put on the chest for about 10-15 minutes, the pulp of fresh fruit, berries and vegetables.The skin will become clear, soft and delicate ..

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