Remedies for female infertility

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Female infertility

The sterility of women is the inability to conceive and give birth to a son. Infertility or lack of ability to reproduce can be distinguished from frigidity which denotes a problem in sexual performance.


The female infertility can be related to defects, weakness or other physical problems that can be caused by chronic diseases. Diseases such as gonorrhea and syphilis may be due to female infertility .
chronic anemia, constipation and leukemia are not only aggravating, but the causes of infertility among women. The loss of glands or organs essential for reproduction can cause sterility.

Remedies for female infertility

The twigs and leaves of Banyan Jambul are excellent natural remedies to treat female infertility . The twigs are dried, ground into a powder and mixed with milk, while the leaves are used to prepare infusions.
Certain vitamins such as C, E and zinc are good natural cures for female infertility.

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